Thursday, December 25, 2008

6-legged Walk Cycle


Such a good time to active my blog XD ha ha

It's winter vacation for me finally ~(*w*~)(~*w*)~

so now I have time to upload the works I've done in fall semester.

My Animation teacher gave the class an interesting start by making our first assignment a 6-legged walk cycle. As long as the thing has 6 legs and is walking, it doesn't have to be a living creature. (I loved somebody's idea of walking long sofa XD)

I wanted to create a shadowy monster that wares a paper mask as face, and there will be a Chinese character on its forehead.

I sketched out some ideas

(獅 is the Chinese character for LION;

狗 & 犬 are two ways of writing DOG)

and in the end I chose to do the giant dog.

Well, although it ended up doesn't take a dog form when I make it into animation ...

In this pencil test, the monster actually walked pretty funky because I made a mistake XD
I shouldn't have make all six legs the same pace since the back legs made smaller steps than the forelegs. The fact that those back legs would not be able to catch up with the front really bothered me.
So I fixed that when I made it into color version with background.
(made the back legs walked 2 times faster~)

I actually made it my assignment for digital compositing class when the teacher asked us to make a character hook up with a moving background XD

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