Monday, March 22, 2010

Animation Demo Reel 2010

Judy Lee 2010 Demo Reel from Judy Lee on Vimeo.
Music: White's Dream by Plaid

- The Following are the links to original clips shown in the reel-

01 Girl Puppet in After Effect

02 6-legged walk cycle

03 Tiger clip from "animated short"

04 Handing Letter Assignment

05 Man Lip Sync

06 Animal Crossing Street

07 "What Happens When a Fly Falls into a Coffee Cup?"

08 Monkey clip from "animated short"

09 Clips from "Ugly Americans" - Internship @ Augenblick Studios


Character design

Claude Estee

from The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West

{Character Description}

“He had no belly at all. He was a dried-up little man with the rubbed features and stooped shoulders of a postal clerk. The shiny mohair coat and nondescript trousers of that official would have become him, but he was dressed, as always, elaborately. In the buttonhole of his brown jacket was a lemon flower. His trousers were of a reddish Harris tweed with a hound tooth check and on his feet were a pair of magnificent rust-colored bluchers. His shirt was ivory flannel and his knitted tie a red that was almost black.”

Man Lip Sync

"Well, he threw down his paper and walked right out of the room!"

[Close up]

More Froggies

Some sketches for my 3rd year final short

Well, the dogs are not in the film thought XD