Thursday, May 14, 2009

Animated Short (2nd year)

This is a short about a little monk who can turn his writing into living beings.

Concept art and some sketches:

Here is the first half of the storyboards from my original plan
I guess I will just show these for now and keep the ending in secret XD

Digital Compositing Reel 2008-2009

Works from digital compositing class:

The music in this reel is “Attack of Butterflies” by Joe Hisaishi.
It is from a Korean movie named Welcome to Dongmakgol Village.

The first two assignments can be found in my older posts:

"Animating Puppet in After Effect"

"6-legged Walk Cycle"

Here are the rest of the assignments in their complete versions:

In this assignment, the instructor gave us a live action footage of a pan of a street scene and asked us to add any kinds of animation of effect to it. I decided to turn the original footage into an image with outline only, and added an illustration of a kid with a turtle, and animated all the strokes.

The music is from the soundtrack of The Sky Crawlers.

Later on, we got another assignment with another footage of a street. This time we had to animate an animal crossing the street. I decided to do that a little differently…

The last one in the reel was actually a pretty early work.

It was a lip-sync assignment in which we changed the mouth shapes with After Effect.
I got the audio from an anime short named “KAKURENBO”
and designed my own characters for it.

This demon uses a puppet of a little girl as bait,
and seizes children once they approach it.